ll content in this webpage is the work of Ivette Lopez, a multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles CA. Ivette is a graduate of California State University, Northridge where she  majored in Journalism with a concentration in English Literature. She currently works as a producer and reporter of CycleFeed, a site dedicated to reporting about urban cycling in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in various publications, including LA Weekly, CycleFeed, KPCC/NPR, The Santa Monica Lookout News, and El Nuevo Sol, CSUN's Spanish-language publication. She also served as the official videographer for TENOCH, an organization that promotes cultural diversity in music through the historical and poetic genre of trova. 

Ivette found her calling early on, working as Editor-In-Chief of both her high school and collegiate newspapers in her hometown of Fresno CA. Later, she worked as a producer for TimeWarner, covering sports and feature stories for the local sector. 

Through her work, Ivette hopes to shed light on issues and  people that do not receive the proper coverage in mainstream media. Her passion lies in writing, but is ultimately fueled by truth. 

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