Marcial Alejandro is undoubtedly one of Mexico's hidden gems. Although he has passed on, his music and legacy continues to be spread through the help of troubadours, unique songwriters that are famous for singing about controversial and cultural topics. I was asked to put together a tribute for Marcial Alejandro's birthday, and although I didn't personally film or take any of the footage shown, the long editing process of joining audio and video left me feeling like I had been at the show in person. Something is to be learned throught this following song, "Vivan Los Humanos," a song that celebrates those humble humans that light up rooms with a single smile. Enjoy. 

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Noches De Trova Promotional Video - Editing/Video: Ivette Lopez - Voiceover: Esteban Leon

The untold story of media coverage during the Gaza Conflict told through the eyes of a local Palestinian attorney who volunteered in the aftermath of the war.
Video: Ivette Lopez
Editing/Voiceover: Ivette Lopez & Ryan Klinkert